New Rules To Close Gender Pay Gap in USA

This year, President Barack Obama is bringing back an issue that was at the heart of the first piece of legislation he ever signed at the White House: the gender pay gap.

Besides providing a platform that will encourage employers to look at their gender pay gap, Obama thinks the accumulated data can provide useful insights into why the gender pay gap is there.

This is precisely why Gapsquare was developed –  we believe technology and data anlysis can help us close the gender pay gap.The free tool on calculates the gender pay gap and offers easy to read visual metrics:

  • Overall gender pay gap expressed as a median and mean
  • Overall workforce composition
  • Workforce composition by pay quartiles

But big data gives un an opportunity to take things even further.

  • Imagine being able to predict where the gender pay gap will be in 2026…
  • Or understand what has been shaping your pay gap over the years…
  • Imagine being able to take data driven decisions that will put you at the forefront of gender equality at work…

Try the free tool:
Find us on Twitter: @Gapsquare

New Rules To Close Gender Pay Gap in USA

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