Show me the gender pay gap

Screen Shot 2016-05-04 at 15.03.58This time next year, over 7,960 HR managers and senior executives in the UK will be looking at the April pay data like they’ve never done before. They will be looking through a gender equality lens, grasping the gender pay gap percentage and analysing how it impacts their company.

The government will subsequently use this data to build league tables in an exercise meant to show companies and their employees how they compare to their peers (also described by media as “name and shame” tables, but let’s not go there).

Given the guidelines and regulations – which have only been available in draft form so far, this will be no easy task.

When planning for gender pay gap analysis with the following issues in mind, the task can be significantly simplified and managed successfully.  Continue reading “Show me the gender pay gap”

Show me the gender pay gap