Why the 2017 gender pay regulations are a business opportunity

by Hazel Lush, Research Assistant at Gradient DM/Gapsquare

aaeaaqaaaaaaaailaaaajgfhytmyywu0lwu5njutngixoc1iyzzklwy3ymfhndyzmdhizgYou were calmly going about your business as 2016 came to an end when suddenly gender pay gap regulations began colonising your news feed and slipping into your HR consciousness, requiring, nay, demanding attention. You’d be forgiven for sighing, as Christmas party hats go on and delegating it to annoyance for early ’17.

Well, your new year optimist doesn’t have to dissipate, because the gender pay gap regulations are, in fact, fantastic news. If you are an employer who is passionate about the rights and potential of its employees, who is always looking for ways to improve and reflect on how your team works, this is a great chance to get ahead of the game; it’s a challenge, and it’s an opportunity to develop how you look at your employment data. Here are three examples of how gender pay gap regulations should drive you to get your company centuries ahead in how it manages diversity.

Employ the best, retain the best, and create trust if the best is what you’ve already got 

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Why the 2017 gender pay regulations are a business opportunity