Gapsquare – Offering Advanced Gender Pay and Ethnicity Gap Analysis

Gapsquare Solves your Gender Pay and Ethnicity Pay Gap Analysis needs.

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In the government’s response to the “Closing the Gender Pay Gap” consultation, February 2016, it was noted that “organisations estimated that it would take an average of 68 hours to analyse and publish a gender pay gap”. It doesn’t take much imagination to see that this is going to require investment both in time and money. And this is where Gapsquare comes in.



At Gapsquare, we are passionate about employment that is fair for all, and, by simplifying data analysis, making it easily understandable and relevant, we make the process a lot more efficient and less time-consuming for businesses. At this very moment, some 7, 960 HR and Payroll managers are spending their limited time trying to work out how to approach confusing regulations regarding payroll data. makes it quick and simple to keep on top of these regulations, we calculate your gender pay gap and generate comprehensive reports and visual interpretations to take the strain off you. Managers can use the data in their reports, as well as in making data-driven decisions about ways to decrease the pay gap.

Take advantage now, skip a  century of inequality and get Gapsquared.

“Working with Gapsquare has enabled many of our clients to see at a glance where any gender pay gaps exist and to analyse the factors behind the statistics. With the insights gathered from these analytics, they can now take positive steps to address any issues ahead of the gender pay snap-shot date, and well before the deadline for publishing their data”.

Victoria Parry, Partner, Osborne Clarke LLP

Gapsquare – Offering Advanced Gender Pay and Ethnicity Gap Analysis

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